Chaka Khan Says She's No Longer Interested In Politics: 'All Lives Matter'

Photo: Getty Images

Former Black Panther and singer Chaka Khan says she's staying away from politics, which she described as "bullsh*t."

In an interview with the Telegraph, Khan said she would no longer perform at any political conventions or be drawn to participating in the Black Lives Matter Movement, noting that "all lives matter." The singer previously performed at Republican and Democratic conventions.

"All lives matter, let's get that straight," Khan told the Telegraph. "After all the s*** I've seen when somebody comes along with a realization that every life matters, I think: finally they realize that even if it's Black lives."

Khan's comments follow her involvement in the Black Panther movement in the 1970s. Beginning at age 14, Khan was recruited by the Black Panthers to hand out fliers, following in the footsteps of her father who participated in Civil Rights marches.

Throughout her career, Khan has spoken out about racism in the music industry, including the time Island Records made the "totally racist decision" to remove her vocals from the 1986 hit "Addicted to Love."

Khan told the Telegraph that she now views politics as “bullsh-t. A distraction. A sick, powerful thing that needs to be eliminated.”

In the future, the artist said she will only campaign for her foundation that supports autistic people and speak to students from ages five to 14 to help provide "inspiration."

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