Missouri Eatery Serves The Best Pancakes In The State

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There are few breakfast food items as beloved, and customizable, as pancakes. From fluffy flapjacks topped with warm fruity compote and whipped cream to short stacks smothered in butter and syrup to savory-sweet recipes sure to impress, pancakes are definitely a crowd pleaser.

According to a list compiled by the Food Network, the best pancakes in Missouri can be found at Succotash in Kansas City. This eatery has a bunch of incredible brunch favorites, but if you're a sucker for pancakes, you have plenty of options, including the Swedish Pancakes.

Succotash is located at 2601 Holmes Street.

This is what Food Network had to say about the best pancakes in Missouri:

"Sure, the greater Kansas City metropolitan area is not heavily associated with Swedish-American history. Compared with Minneapolis, for example, Kansas City in 1900 was home to only one-tenth as many Swedish immigrants — around 2,000. Yet Swedes here, as elsewhere, left their imprint on the physical, social, economic and culinary development of the city. Exhibit A: the crowd-pleasing Swedish Pancakes served at Succotash in Crown Center, Kansas City's bustling shopping district. These buttery, crepelike pancakes are filled generously with tart lingonberries alongside two eggs and fried bacon. If you prefer your fruit to err on the side of sweet rather than sour, go for the Peachy Swedes. They're Swedish pancakes filled with lightly sweetened ricotta and topped with ginger-infused peaches."

If you want to see where else in the country to find incredibly tasty pancakes, view the full list at FoodNetwork.com.

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