At Home Customers Allege Racial Profiling, Accused Of Working With Thieves

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A Black couple has gone viral on social media after sharing their story about an alleged racial profiling incident at the home goods store At Home.

The couple said an officer accused them of working with other customers to steal a Christmas tree at the home goods store in New York's Destiny Mall.

“It was the worst experience,” a woman said in the now-viral video.

Her partner said they were headed to the register to purchase a pink tree with white tinsel when police questioned them.

“Who were you on the phone with?” a man recalled an officer asking.

The man said he didn't even have his phone out while they were shopping.

“I’m thinking, ‘You know what, you must be confusing me with somebody else, so have a nice day,'” he said in the video.

However, officers allegedly became more aggressive with their questioning.

“Come clean,” police allegedly demanded. “So you’re gonna tell us that you weren’t with these two other girls you were on the phone with, and they stole the tree and walked out? And if we check the recording right now, we’re not gonna see you corroborating with those two other women?”

The couple said the store manager also falsely accused them of working with thieves.

“The manager accused us because we’re the only two other Black people in the store that could’ve possibly collaborated with the two women who stole the Christmas tree,” the man said.

The man said he asked the manager and police to check the store's surveillance cameras, but they declined. The couple ultimately walked out of the store without purchasing the tree they intended to.

In a follow-up video, the couple said they filed formal complaints with At Home and their county sheriff’s office. At Home is currently investigating the incident and the store manager has been fired, according to the couple.

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